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Superior Orthotics 

Did you ever stop and think about the beating your feet take every day? (Well, if you're reading this in a practitioner's office, you probably have!)

Feet Don't Fail Me Now!
The average person, the American Podiatric Medical Association estimates, takes between 8,000 and 10,000(!) steps every day. In a lifetime, that adds up to about 115,000 miles. With each step, the pressure on your feet can exceed your body weight; when you're running, the pressure soars to three or four times your weight. The foot is a complicated machine. Each foot contains 26 bones and 33 joints held together by 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and scores of tendons. That's a lot of moving parts! Thousands of times each day, every day of your life, your feet are buffeted and jarred! Even simple everyday activities like shopping, chasing after active kids or walking the dog take a toll on your feet. And if you're into athletics - biking, skiing, hiking, running, training for a marathon or contact sports - your feet take an even worse beating as those bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons battle against gravity to control the force and weight of your body's contact with the ground. And medical conditions like diabetes, or lingering injuries can make matters worse.

Orthotics -- the Scientific Answer to Foot Woes
Why Orthotics?

Orthotics Therapy is the science of employing mechanical devices to proactively support your foot or to help treat weakened or injured limbs - in this case, your feet. Orthotics are the tested, proven way to stabilize your feet, relieve pressure and get the biomechanical function of your feet back in alignment.

With the PedAlign system, practitioner-prescribed, carefully crafted, precision orthotics compensate for the ravages of weight and gravity. They can put the spring back into your step and the swagger back into your walk - regardless if used for proactive intervention or a foot discomfort' caused by work, play or a medical condition.

Superior Practitioners prescribe Superior Orthotics
Medical practitioners are like anyone else: Some are satisfied to do things the way they've always been done. Not PedAlign practitioners. They're willing to 'walk that extra mile' (pun intended) to provide you the premier, space age technology for orthotics-based foot comfort.

A Little Straight Talk
We're not pulling your leg! PedAlign isn't the only system around for creating orthotics. But the most medically savvy practitioners' and thousands of satisfied patients know it's the best system for creating just-right-for-your-feet orthotics. You could even say it runs circles around other orthotics fabrication systems.

Your Foot Comfort:
Too important to be Left to a Shoe Salesmen
When this little piggy goes to the market, you might see pressure mats in retail stores or shoe shops at the mail. They're accompanied by slick marketing materials and eyecatching charts illustrating pressure distributions.

You don't go to the mall for an appendectomy. And you shouldn't rely on a shoe salesman for precise diagnosis and orthotics measurements necessary for foot comfort.

That's why the space age PedAlign system can only be found in the offices of highly trained medical practitioners. With advanced medical degrees, these professionals are the only ones capable of knowledgeably evaluating your foot pathologies and prescribing effective treatments.

The PedAlign Technology
The Scientific Path to Foot Comfort

Did you ever watch a space walk or a shuttle mission and say to yourself, 'Cool, but what does this mean, for me?" Well if you're suffering from foot discomfort, here's jne answer It's no exaggeration to call PedAlign's state-of-the-art image scanning "rocket science." PedAign's image analysis teclinology was originally developed by NASA and the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT. Our adaptation of this technology uses an infrared optical scanning technology that captures and digitizes your feet in a split second.' Your digital footprint and your doctor's prescription are then electronically transmitted to PedAlign for evaluation and production of the finest quality orthatics on the market today.

It's good health and common sense:
Take- good care of your feet and
they'll take good care of you!

"As soon as I started wearing my PedAlign orthotics, my knee and back pain stopped. I could not believe it!! I now have three pairs. One for my dance shoes, a second for work shoes and.a third for my casuaf shoes. "

Feeling Great, Looking Good!
Whether we're talking about fashion or comfort, one size - or one style - definitely does not fit all. Some folks - likely those lucky enough to be spared foot pain - say it's more important to look good than to feel good. The good news: With PedAlign, you don't have to choose between looking good and feeling good.

That's because the PedAlign system helps your doctgr to customize orthotics to fit your specific needs. PedAlign uses A only the highest grade materials in the fabrication of your orthotics. All shells, top covers, postings and materials are rigorously screened to insure that your orthotics provide superior comfort and the ultimate in biomechanical control.

Fashion: When Style is Important
Best for dress or slip-on shoes: That new pair of high fashion, designer shoes looks great, but they don't feel that great after a few hours. PedAlign fashion orthotics is designed to make your feet feel comfortable in those lessthan-comfortable dress or fashion shoes. PedAlign's Fashion model is great for tighter everyday shoes and provides corrective support that can help alleviate the pain and fatigue of your stylish dress shoes.

Performance: The Gold Standard in Orthotics
Ideal for laced, Velcro tightened and other casual type shoes: This model is great for everyday use. It balances your foot and provides heel and arch support. One of the most prescribed models, the PedAlign Performance is the gold standard in orthotics therapy.

Sports Soft Support:
Where Performance and Comfort Meet PedAlign Sports Orthotics are designed for sports shoes, sneakers, hiking boots, ski boots as well as safety boots: PedAlign Sports orthotics are designed around the athlete's physical needs. The Sport Soft Support is great for all types of sports activities: running, hiking, golfing, skiing, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis or any sport that requires balanced biomechanical control, comfort motion support and good shock absorption to endure the entire sport activity. Amateur and professional athletes use Sport orthotics to give them that extra little edge.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes
"I've had orthotics made from plaster, foam boxes and pressure mats. None of them have been as good as my PedAlign orthotics... The pain and fatigue are gone when I wear my PedAlign orthotics"